18 Palace Road
A new musical by Shreya Jha

Directed by Abigail Lewis
Dedicated to Cathy McDonald and family
Oct 16, 7:30 PM


18 Palace Road explores the vulnerable, close relationship between a music student and teacher and examines how our mentors shape us and how grief affects our craft as artists.

Content warnings: death, implications of mental illness


Allyson Whitmell - Carly

Rena Seeger - Marge

Megan Campbell - Annie

Callum Hutchinson - Jim/Gerald

Gabby Noga - Baby Carly/Greek Chorus

Jasmine Kang - Teacher/Greek Chorus

Bohung Fu - Matthew/Greek Chorus

Henry Lewis - Student/Greek Chorus

Valerio Greganti - Student/Greek Chorus


Director - Abigail Lewis

Assistant Director - Gil Hamel
Choreographer - Gabby Noga

Stage Manager - Shashwat Aggarwal

Assistant Stage Manager - Taufika Ekram

Music Director - Shreya Jha

Assistant Music Director - Rena Seeger

Directorial consultant/Front of House - Holly Melsom

Props Manager - Julie Seeger

Costumes manager - Vedika Jha



Keys 1 - Jonah Nung/Victoria Yuan

Keys 2 - Shreya Jha

Violin - Vivian Kwok

Viola - Cole Canaday

Cello - Julie Seeger

Horn - Michael Nunes/Ilinca Stafie

Percussion - Jacob Valcheff/Keshav Sharma-Jaitly


Acknowledgements: Thank you to Grace Church on-the-Hill, The Centre for Global Health Research, the Trinity College Dramatic Society, and our family and friends.