Career Opportunity

Director of Children's Ministry and Family Development

Grace Church-on-the-Hill is currently seeking a Director of Family (Children’s) Ministry.


This is a part time permanent position, 20 hours per week.


This position reports to: Executive Director& Churchwardens

This position takes direction from: Incumbent

This position works collaboratively with: All church staff, laity and volunteers as needed.


Required at Grace: Sunday mornings & Tuesdays, plus other days as required. Schedule to be determined with upon hiring.


Term:  One year renewable.

The primary purpose is to grow and sustain a successful, active and engaging Children’s Ministry at Grace Church so that the children in our community are nurtured in and taught the Good News of God that is found in Jesus Christ in a safe, friendly, and welcoming environment.   The goal is to teach and expose our children, in a creative and engaging way, to the narratives of the Bible, the teachings of Christ, the tenets of the Anglican Church, and how to live faithful lives and be spiritually nurtured.


A second purpose is to encourage and achieve active family involvement in this Ministry – as parent volunteers, as teachers, as participants in family-related events.  The goal is to make this ministry an active part of the Grace Church community, both within the structure of Sunday services and beyond. As a result, the hope is that we build a meaningful community that plays an important role in the lives of our Young Families.


Duties & Responsibilities:


In addition to the duties and responsibilities outlined below, the candidate must also have the following skills in order to implement youth and family programming during the Covid-19 pandemic.

-understanding of online tools such as YouTube, Zoom and other video conferencing apps

-ability to update and use website as a hub for online learning and communication

-ability to modify curriculum to suit online learning

-ability to modify tasks and activities to suit a range of ages

-ability to condense and/or ‘chunk’ tasks and activities to avoid screen fatigue and keep children engaged


Children’s Ministry:

- Oversee, direct and grow the Children’s Ministry on Sunday mornings, all year long, during the 10 am service

- Oversee, direct and grow the Children’s Ministry online, all year long, developing tools and approaches consistent with the in-person programming.

- Oversee, direct and grow Nursery on Sunday mornings, all year long, during the 10 am service

- Divide children into groups for learning, friendship and engagement, including the Nursery.  Can be age-based, skills-based, etc.  May be fluid.

- Choose and implement a Gospel-centered curriculum

- Design engaging, creative and age-appropriate lesson plans for Sunday mornings and for online presentation.

- Design and implement appropriate summer program from mid-June to September

- Ensure that Children’s Ministry is accessible to all children – with all learning characteristics

- Organize and maintain Children’s Ministry supplies and curriculum

- Develop and manage the budget in cooperation with the Executive Director and Finance Manager

- Track, record, and review attendance

- Establish and maintain protocols and procedures for effective running of Children’s Ministry

- Ensure appropriate set up of rooms and care of Children’s Ministry space

- Plan and facilitate take home resources

- Prepare and present reports at staff meetings, Board meetings and Annual Vestry

- Help provide materials, photos, articles for communication vehicles sent to parishioners and externally


Promotion, Recruitment, Screening & Training:

- Recruit, supervise, train, schedule, and mentor high quality teachers, assistants and volunteers, for Sunday morning ministry and the Nursery.  Continuity of staff in the Nursery every Sunday is critical for babies and younger children, as well as parents.

- Provide assistants and volunteers with resources and training (as needed)

- Meet regularly with teachers, assistants and volunteers to assess progress and address concerns

- Provide an annual evaluation for teachers and assistants

- Conduct 6 month review with parents and clergy to assess

- Ensure all volunteers, staff and assistants are screened in accordance with Diocesan guidelines.


- Ensure the visibility of our children through intergenerational activities (e.g. participating in liturgy during Youth services and other occasions, sharing crafts/teachings with the congregation, etc.)

- Get to know and maintain an on-going relationship with parishioners and parents

- Engage with the surrounding the community.  Invite the neighborhood to participate in special events

- Engage with Bishop Strachan School (BSS) to promote our Family Ministry and engage their students in our activities (volunteers, participants, leaders, etc.)


Special Events:

- Co-ordinate special events and activities (e.g. Christmas pageant, Pancake Supper, and Good

Friday programs, June Picnic)

- Participate in Baptismal Preparation with clergy (as needed)

- Participate in Confirmation Preparation with clergy (as needed)


Important Required Communication:

Rector Incumbant – keep informed of plans and concerns

All clerical staff including Associate Priest – work closely with to design content, themes and structure

Parents – issue regular weekly (email) communication about upcoming Sunday service

Youth Group – work closely with to find common themes and synergies and integrate Children’s Ministry with Youth Group when appropriate

Choir Directors – work closely with to find common themes and synergies and integrate Children’s Ministry with the Junior, Girl’s & Boy’s Choir, when appropriate

Church Administration and Executive Director – keep informed of plans for communication, building needs, scheduling etc.

Volunteer Coordinator – work closely to provide intergenerational volunteers for dramatic readings, events, etc., and to coordinate parent volunteers


Skills & Experience:

A committed follower of Jesus Christ, whose faith is consistent with the Nicene Creed

Passionate about sharing the Gospel with children

Experience working with children is an asset

Experience working in a team environment is an asset

Demonstrated strong organizational and communication skills

Strong leadership skills

Post Secondary Studies - Theological education an asset

Creative abilities are assets:  art/music/drama abilities

Imaginative, energetic and flexible

Friendly, outgoing, patient and empathetic

Familiarity with Anglican Worship is an asset

Resumes can be sent to