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PAG - Pre-authorized giving

Pre-authorized giving is one of the most helpful ways to ensure the church stays healthy and available for years to come. Your commitment means Grace Church on-the-Hill can budget more accurately, plan our programs and staffing with confidence, and maintain our beautiful church. Now more than ever, with services somewhat in person, and growing online, we are building out our wider presense. We need everyone's support to be able to build on the values we share and move Grace into position for growth and strength over the next few years. Start the process below. On the next screen simply check "Make this a monthly donation" and that's it. A simple, but very important step towards ensuring Grace is here for generations to come.

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

If you would prefer to use direct debit rather than a credit card, please use THIS FORM or simply scan and send a void cheque to with your intentions. Mail works just as well.

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