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Bob Davies

Grace Church on the Hill can be defined in many different ways: as a beautiful stone church on the hill designed by one of Toronto's preeminent architects Eden Smith, as a fine venue for sacred music and other concerts, as an active place of community and as a living breathing testament to God's work.

Grace Church on the Hill is also meaningful to each of us in different ways. For me it is meaningful as a place to heal as well as a place to give - often both at the same time.

No matter how we define it or which meaning we attribute to it Grace Church on the Hill wouldn't exist without parishioners; there would be no parish without parishioners.  There would be no worship, Sunday school, choir, bible study, food bank, outreach, pastoral care or brunch without parishioners.

That is why this month we are taking this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for your generous contributions that make this the enriching place that it is.

To paraphrase a well loved saying - we give thanks for the gifts of the people to the glory of God.

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