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Baptism + Confirmation

Here at Grace we believe the Christian life isn't meant to be lived alone. It's meant to be shared, lived in the company of others and with the support of the rest of the family of God. This common life begins in baptism, is confirmed in confirmation, and is renewed each week in the Eucharist. If you're interested in learning more, contact our pastoral staff. Below you'll find more about baptism and confirmation and links to information about other services of the church.


Baptism @ Grace

Baptism is entering into the family of God. It's a welcome, a homecoming, and an occasion of great joy! Those who enter its waters are invited to share in the common meal of the Church, the Eucharist.

For children, this can happen as soon as a parent wishes for their child to enter the life of the Church and is ready to promise to uphold her or him in that life. Baptisms isn't limited to children, though. Many adults experience a call later in life join more fully in the life of the Christian community. Some seek baptism, or if already baptized, may wish to reaffirm their earlier vows with the laying on of hands, a service done in the presence of the Bishop.

For more information, please contact our pastoral team!


Confirmation @ Grace

Confirmation is a service in which a baptized person makes a public commitment to the Christian faith. Through prayer and the laying on of hands by a Bishop, the Church asks God to confirm them in the Christian life. Each person’s spiritual journey is different, and the vows can be made at any age, but confirmation is often undergone by young adults.

For more information, please contact our pastoral team!

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