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Grace Church Library

About Our Collection

Our collection covers a wide variety of subjects including:

  • Christian Life, Ethics, Meditation, Theology and Spirituality

  • Dealing with the critical times in one's life

  • Fiction (with and without church themes)

  • A varied and inviting section (labeled BGS) is devoted to the books discussed by the Grace Church on-the-Hill Book & Film Group

  • Children will find their books on the shelves to the right as they enter the library.


Maintaining the library is our way of walking alongside you, as we all strive to follow Christ's command to love God and to love our neighbours as ourselves.

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Our hope is to:

  • Increase your knowledge of the scriptures, history of the church, and Anglican tradition

  • Support you at such key moments as birth, baptism, marriage and divorce, aging and death

  • Enrich your leisure time and respond to your varied interests


Using the Library:  Finding, Borrowing, and Returning Books

The Grace Church librarians provide "Library Hours" every Tuesday from 2 to 4:30.

At other times you are welcome to come and borrow books whenever you wish, but please check with the church office prior to your visit, as the room is often used for meetings.

Circulation is self-service.  Signs posted in the library explain how to borrow books, and when and where to return them.  Please remember, when you sign the borrower's card, to include the date you are borrowing the book AND your phone number or e-mail address.

The catalogue is available on-line, at this website.  However, before you click on the “Browse the Catalogue” button at the top of this “page,” you may want to read the “Searching the Catalogue” section that follows.


 The Grace Church Library's WebSearch module is now available for your browsing. To check whether the Library has the book you are looking for, or perhaps to see what books we have about meditation, or by Henri Nouwen, please go to "Search the library." Click on it and you will find yourself at the Basic Search Screen. The trick here is to type a word, or some words, into the first empty box BEFORE clicking on any of the buttons below. After you have entered a search term, choose and click on the search that best suits your query (Author, Title, Subject, or Keyword). A useful trick is to keep your query simple. Just the author's surname or just the first 1 or 2 words of a title. As our database grows, you may have to be more precise. CAVEAT: If we have books that match your query, the WebSearch will tell you that you may "Request To Borrow Checked Item(s)". Alas, we cannot provide that service at this time. Jot down the Call Number of the book and come into the Library.  For questions or suggestions, you can e-mail the Library directly at

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