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Image by Thiago Barletta

All things work together for good...

Romans 8:28

Outreach at Grace Church takes many forms: On a local level, our parishioners volunteer in community activities; we donate items from diapers to egg cartons, from clothes to housewares. We work together to prepare meals for Out of the Cold programs, create Santa Sacks for those in need in our city, and countless other ongoing projects.

We are major supporters of the Churches on-the-Hill Food Bank. Many parishioners volunteer in food drives, and our lobby foodbank box is generously filled each week.

On a national level, our parish has engaged in a project to foster relationships with Indigenous ministries and First Nations communities.

On the global front, Grace Church is fully engaged in refugee resettlement.

Every year, our Outreach Committee discerns where our gifts can have the most impact and supports charities and activities in areas that the parish is involved in.

This year, we are supporting projects and activities that represent Local, National, and Global causes, in areas such as:

  • Emergency Response and Refugees

  • International Development

  • Prison Release Ministry

  • Food Security and Necessities of Life

Where does the money for this ministry come from? Well, it comes from you. A portion of your offertories is directed to Outreach by the wardens in the parish's annual budget. The parish also has Trust & Endowment funds that have been left to Grace Church as bequests by parishioners, and are designated for Outreach activities.

When you support Grace Church, you also support the Outreach work that we do. It is about how we interact with the community around us, and the broader world.




Supporting our refugee program means bringing safety and a future to people like Carla. Thriving in Toronto after years of turmoil thanks to the goodness of Grace.

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