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Children + Youth Choir

While our children's choir is part of our larger parish community and participates in the weekly liturgy, we welcome children and families from all backgrounds and faiths to participate in music making with us.

Here is some information about our choir that you may find useful:

  • Age Range:  8-16 years old (Young tenors and basses would sing with the adult choir)

  • Cost: FREE! And all choristers are provided with a small stipend per call.

  • Touring: We tour nationally and to the UK periodically: the next UK tour will be in 2025!

  • Scholarships: Vocal lessons can be provided on a scholarship for those who require it.

  • All choristers are given vocal and musicianship training as part of the musical education.

Why join us?

  • Being part of a choir helps young choristers develop leadership and teamwork skills, strive for excellence, increase confidence and creative expression in a safe, nurturing and encouraging environment.

  • Learn vocal and musical skills.

  • Be a part of a community.

  • We have fun!

Registration is open throughout the year. To join our UK tour in 2025, choristers must sign up by September 2024 and attend the choir activities regularly 

Questions ? Reach out to our choir director for more information!

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