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A Place at Grace

Grace Church on-the-Hill strives to be a place of grace, and a welcoming community of faith growing closer to God through the countless and unique talents of its members in worship and in service. 

In their own words, here are some experiences of those who have found a Place at Grace . . .



I’m Shirley and I’ve been singing in the choir for over 4 years now. I first knew about Grace because my sister, Carina, came to the daycare next door. This is where a big part of my life started 

Faces of Grace 6 - Vivian.png


Hi. Many of you may know me as part of the choir, many more of you may know me as Elaine Rowe’s daughter – it’s hard to mistake that.

Al_headshot (1).jpg


Overall, I feel refreshed from the moment I arrive at Grace, to the moment I leave. 



Hi, I’m Amelia. You’ve probably seen me up with the choir, or just around the church. I first came to Grace when I was seven, and in Grade Two.

Faces of Grace 11- dosborne.png


My name is David Osborne.  I have been here for a while. It was September of 1980 when a friend from my second grade class, Garth Chalmers, told me about the choir here at Grace Church on-the-Hill. 



Grace Church on the Hill can be defined in many different ways: as a beautiful stone church on the hill designed by one of Toronto's preeminent architects . . .

Faces of Grace 14- Maria.png


What’s different about Grace is unless I choose to avoid people, there’ll always be someone who will stop and chat or even wave from the other side of the church. Then it’s a matter of spending time to get to know each other better on our spiritual sojourn here on earth.

Faces of Grace 7- Lena.png


I came back to Grace Church the third Sunday after my first visit and Peter said to me, "You are back! Thanks for coming!" I smiled and said, "I am here for good!"

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I like Grace because it is a place of comfort and peace. It is somewhere where I always feel welcome and always gain a sense of serenity.

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