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The Ministry of Spiritual Companionship at Grace Church: 

A place of support, learning, growth, fellowship, and collaborative outreach.


Grace Church is a place where we should all feel safe and encouraged to grow in our intellectual and spiritual understanding of what it means to be a Christian today: in our current society, in good times and in bad times, in health and in sickness. God has given each of us a universal desire to know Him, as well as a unique set of gifts to serve Him. When we find ourselves at home as part of a meaningful community, do we also, finally, find ourselves at rest in Him. Our many small groups and educational opportunities help foster our growth in relationship to God, one another, and our "neighbour". Almost everyone will find something of interest among these small-group opportunities.  

Junior Choir in Montreal_edited.jpg

Join a choir?

Music is a big part of what we offer, and our music program is one of the strongest in the city. We offer a wonderful community for adult choristers as well as choirs for children. Many young people use their choir involvement towards the community service hours their high schools require. Many of our choristers have been part of this community for many years – a true testament to how wonderful the choice experience is at Grace!

Christian Meditation Group: a steady fellowship of those who seek God in the silence of a contemplative prayer.

Young Adults’ Club: a group for adults in their 20s to early 40s (dinner, fellowship, and readings).

Book and Film Club: meets regularly and uses books available through our parish library as well as those recommended by friends. Once a month a film is presented with dinner and discussion.

Exercise Classes: Grace Church creates opportunities for us to take care of our bodies as well as our souls. Seniors on Wednesday with Eric of OmniFit

Tai Chi

Fridays with Shan. 10:00am for a spiritual journey through movement

Also, please remember that our Sunday 9 am Adult Education classes are open to everyone, whether or not you wish to stay for our worship services. In addition, individual Spiritual Direction is always available from our clergy in one-on-one meetings.

If you are interested in joining any of the above programs, have an idea of your own, or desire individual spiritual direction, please contact Rev. Irina at or 416-488-7884 ext. 112

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