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Help us support our Sri Lankan friends at this time of tragedy. Grace Church has been fortunate to share with our Sri Lankan community in Toronto and now is the need is real and present to support the families and communities in Sri Lanka.



I wanted to write
About three birds I saw;
Robin, woodpecker,
Red-winged blackbird
All in concert amid the trees.
I wanted to write about hymns;
How I went from ageing church
To waking woods 
And the harmonies never changed,
Which probably means 
God doesn’t either.
I wanted to write something clever;
How these birds were one short 
Of a quartet;
How maybe that was me,
And this little poem 
A self-indulgent
Soprano riff.

I wanted a spring missa brevis,
A soaring Gloria 
And soft-spoken Sanctus;
Some strange new liturgy 
For three small birds.

But nothing came.

Except, I wished 
You saw them too.

-KT Bryski



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