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Donate through Life Insurance

Make a difference in an affordable way while building up a significant future legacy. There are two ways to donate through life insurance:

1. By making Grace Church-on-the-Hill the owner and beneficiary of an existing, paid-up policy that you own. For instance, you may have an old policy that protected your business or your mortgage that you no longer need. Donating such a policy will generate an immediate tax receipt for the cash-surrender value of the policy.

2. By making Grace Church-on-the-Hill the beneficiary of an insurance policy that you own. This will result in a tax receipt for your estate for the amount of the paid benefit to Grace Church-on-the-Hill.

Benefits of a gift of life insurance:

  • Receive a charitable tax receipt- either immediately or to your estate

  • Gifts of life insurance are not included in probate

*Please note that Grace Church-on-the-Hill does not have the capacity to accept policies where premiums are still owed, so the policy you donate to the Church must be paid in full. Also, you, the owner of the policy, are responsible for receiving an actuarial valuation of the policy to be donated before it can be receipted by the Church.

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