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Legacy Giving at Grace

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For over 100 years our forebears have left Legacy Gifts to beautify our place of worship; to ensure that the vision of the day and the mission of the day was passed on to future Grace Church goers. Why? Because Grace Church was an important part of their lives and they were passionate about preserving that legacy. The evolution of Legacy Giving at Grace Church is reflected in the life stories of our parishioners and the social norms of the times.

Look around Grace, - the Legacy Book at the back of the church and the plaques on the walls tell the stories of their generosity and the importance of this place of Grace.

Like those who came before us, Grace Church has been a very important part of my family life and we have been the beneficiaries of our predecessors’ generosity and foresight.  Gayle and I are passionate about preserving that tradition.

Why? Because both of us believe in this organization: We want to protect its values and its mission for future generations. We decided some time ago to leave a planned gift in our will. This is our way to help Grace Church’s work to go on as planned. That is what’s important to us.


There are other practical reasons to leave a planned gift:


  • It’s the future gift that doesn’t cost you anything during your lifetime.

  • It’s a highly effective way to reduce estate taxes on your final tax return.


The practical reasons are important,  but not always the reasons why we make our decisions. Our decisions are made because we feel good knowing that we are supporting a cause that is so meaningful to us.

If you feel the same way, whatever your reasons,  We encourage you to consider a Planned Gift. It’s time for this generation of parishioners to leave their mark.  No matter the size or amount, your gift will contribute to the Legacy of Grace.


Thank you.

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