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Sarah Hicks


Director of Music

Mezzo-soprano Sarah Hicks completed her degree in Performance Voice at McGill University's Schulich School of Music. After returning to Toronto Ms. Hicks began her career as a singer, conductor and educator.  Sarah also completed her Master's in Pastoral Studies and Psychotherapy at Emmanuel College and grounds her work in music ministry at Grace Church on-the-Hill in a foundation passion for both music and pastoral care. Sarah's love and appreciation for choral music began as a young chorister in the Toronto Children's Chorus, where she experienced firsthand the value of a foundation in choral music. Being a part of a choir community, especially in childhood and adolescence, provides choristers with a community which embodies values of mutuality, commitment and striving for artistic excellence. For Sarah, creating a community that celebrates and nurtures the uniqueness of every person and every voice is central to the artistic and spiritual process of creating choral music. Participating in music as ministry is also a way of serving others as we contribute to the liturgy and the spiritual lives of both choristers and parishioners.

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